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30th Reunion

From the Wellesley Townsman, Dec. 27, 2001, written by Beth Hinchliffe following our 30th Reunion on November 25th, 2001.


Can it really be 30 years?  


 Wellesley High's Class of 1971 meets to remember past, celebrate present

When Wellesley High's Class of 1971 came of age, it was to the soundtrack of the Beatles and the backdrop of war.

When they met earlier this month for their 30th reunion, it was to the news of the death of George Harrison and the reality of another war.

In between, the 404 members have crafted lives out of the dreams they held in the high school's corridors. They have battled illnesses, borne children, seen professional successes and failures, struggled with being the sandwich generation, and lost loved ones and illusions.

Three decades after their June 11, 1971 graduation ceremony on Hunnewell Field, they came together to celebrate the unique bond they had forged simply by growing up in the same time, the same place.

Seven members have died. One hundred and thirty-six returned to the Wellesley Country Club with spouses and pictures of children (which they delighted in holding up to their own yearbook pictures on their nametags -a somewhat disorienting reminder of 30 years slipped away).

One member in Belgium couldn't come, but sent a donation for flowers so he could feel he was sharing in the evening. Others came from as nearby as walking distance on Forest Street; some from as far as Texas, Colorado, California and even Finland (Esko Poppius).

Many who couldn't attend sent letters and even photo albums of their current lives. Some were grandparents; one has a 3-month-old baby.

After a social hour and dinner, the evening stretched into early morning, as classmates shared stories and danced to the music of their high school years, from the exuberant "Hang on Sloopy" to the melancholic "The Long and Winding Road," which closed the night with an introspective reflection back on three decades passed.


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